Bayside Family Practice, LLC
Easton's first Direct Primary Care!!


Referrals are to be requested at least 48 hours in advance. 

Referrals are only for patients that have been seen in this office in the last year.

Referrals will only be given for follow up visits with a physician that you have previously seen or for consultations that we have initiated. 

We will need some basic information to complete a referral:

1. Your name and date of birth.


2. The name of the physician that you will be seeing and their specialty.


3.  If it is an out of town physician then we will also need a phone number.  We also would like to have the fax number if possible.


4. The diagnosis or reason you are seeing the doctor.  It can be a simple answer like "ear pain" or "broken arm" or " kidney failure".


5. Is this just an office visit or are they going to do a procedure or test(s)?  If they plan to do a procedure or test then it needs to be noted on the referral.


6. What kind of place will this be done?  Is it a doctor's office, xray center, hospital, surgery center, etc.

Sometimes if you are having a procedure done you might need more than one referral.  You might need one for the doctor and also a separate one for the procedure or facility.  Please check with the other doctor before you call.