Bayside Family Practice, LLC
Easton's first Direct Primary Care!!


We use open access scheduling in this office.  This means that we leave a large number of appointment spaces open for same day appointments.  If you have a need to be seen that day please call in the morning if possible as you will get more selection on times available.  This is not a guarantee that you can be seen that day, but we will do our best.  Unfortunately we cannot always accommodate special requests for certain times if someone else has already chosen that time. 


If you are an established patient there are limited online appointments available via the portal.  You can make the appointment yourself.  You must first be signed up for the portal.



We ask that you call 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment.  This is to allow another person access to that time slot.  We cannot generally fill appointments at the last minute.


We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments.  If a patient frequently misses appointments or cancels and/or changes appointments at the last minute then we reserve the right to discharge that patient.